Hummer returns as clean, green, zero-emissions electric 4×4

By Dean Mellor 3 Min Read

Hummer returns as clean, green, zero-emissions electric 4×4? That’s right! The once-disdained nameplate associated with gas-guzzling behemoths is set for a green comeback.

In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), Hummer H1s and H2s powered big V8 engines were seen by many as polluting symbols-of-excess, and to tidy-up its growing reputation as a ‘polluter’, General Motors totally pulled the pin on the marque in 2010. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to have gotten rid of his beloved Hummers. But with the nameplate’s imminent return, GM now aims to flip public opinion on its head by making the GMC Hummer a clean, green, zero-emissions electric 4×4.


The GMC Hummer EV will be a 2022 model in North America, which means it will go on sale Stateside around a year from now, in mid-2021. And as well as packing a battery and all-electric powertrain, it will also pack up to 1000hp (750kW) and an astounding 11,500lb-ft  (15,600Nm) of torque.

What?! 15,600Nm?! Well, hang on a tick, because that would be measured at the wheels, so total motor torque is more likely to be around the 1400lb-ft mark, which still translates to a more-than-handy 1900Nm.

Regardless of the torque claim, GMC says the Hummer EV will pack enough punch to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.0 seconds… in (almost) complete silence.

GMC enlisted NBA star LeBron James to help promote the upcoming Hummer EV in this just-released promo video. The video depicts LeBron smashing a basketball backboard accompanied by the tagline “Pure Dominance”, no doubt referencing the Hummer EV’s class-leading power and torque outputs that will outstrip the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck’s estimated peak outputs of 690hp (515kW) and 830ft-lb (1125Nm).

Gmc Hummer Ev Lebron James
NBA star LeBron James has been enlisted to help promote the new Hummer EV.

Taking a leaf out of the Jeep playbook, GMC says the Hummer EV will also feature an open-air design with four removable roof panels and a T-bar roof design “to let the world in”.

While GMC has adopted the phrase “A quiet revolution is coming” when referencing the new Hummer EV, there’s little chance of that revolution ever coming to Australia, at least in an official capacity now that General Motors has pulled the pin on right-hand drive production… of anything. But with a number of local manufacturers converting US-built pick-ups to right hand drive, never say never…

Gmc Hummer Ev T Bar Open Air Roof
A screenshot from the GMC website showing the Hummer EV’s open-air T-bar roof.


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