Ironman 4X4 Jimny GVM upgrade doubles payload!

By Dean Mellor 2 Min Read

Ironman 4X4 has just doubled the Suzuki Jimny’s payload capacity with its new 1785kg Jimny GVM upgrade kit.

A tiny 340kg load-carrying capacity has always been a limiting factor for Suzuki Jimny owners who want to go on longer trips than just short weekends away, but now Ironman 4X4 has developed a Federally Approved 1785kg Jimny GVM upgrade kit that more than doubles payload capacity to 690kg!

According to Ironman 4X4: “The original GVM of 1435kg is increased to 1785kg with revised axle loading limits of 800kg front and 1100kg rear, this is up from the OE figures of 680kg and 880kg respectively.”

In addition to the increased 690kg payload, the Ironman 4X4 suspension upgrade results in a 45mm ride-height increase and it allows owners to fit accessories such as a bull bar, a winch, bigger wheels and heavier LT tyres, and a roof rack while leaving enough payload capacity for vehicle occupants, a fridge, luggage and other gear. The GVM upgrade kit includes items such as new springs and matched shock absorbers.

Im4x4 Gvm Sj 2
The kit includes new springs and matched shock absorbers.

Ironman 4×4 says it has conducted all required testing to ensure complete integration with the Jimny’s safety systems as well as compliance with federal laws, and the GVM upgrade is available through approved Ironman 4X4 GVM installers across Australia in pre- and post-registration kits. Like other GVM upgrade kits, the advantage of pre-registration GVM upgrade fitments is the vehicle is federally approved and an additional compliance plate is affixed to the vehicle, while post-registration fitments must be inspected and approved by a state authorised automotive engineer for the issue of modification plate.

RRP: $2571 (plus freight and fitting)
Website: Ironman 4X4


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