Camping and being in the bush is not just about the four-wheel driving and getting to the destination – for me, it’s all about being able to stay a few days and immerse myself in the landscape and get out and walk. Walking provides the opportunity to really experience the country at its very best. The myriad plants and flowers that go undiscovered when driving along, even at a sedate pace, become visible to even the most casual observer.



For images, the video and the full Unsealed 4X4 experience, CLICK HERE.


Birds dance and sing from the branches as you walk along, spiders spin the most intricate and delicate lace-like webs that hang suspended gently moving with the breezes. We could all benefit from taking things a bit more gently and (as the saying goes): Leave only footprints. Take only photos. Make only memories.


With all this walking ahead, you will need a good portable easy-to-eat energy source. These fruit and nut bars hit the spot and they’re dead easy to make. No more of those sugar-laden nasty cardboardy bars from the supermarket; once you have made your own you will never go back.


Enjoy… and happy wanderings.



In a saucepan over a low heat, place the Tahini and Rice Bran Syrup and melt the ingredients together – being careful not to let the mixture stick and burn.

Cook for a couple of minutes until it becomes quite thick; then add the fruit and nut mix. Combine and cook for a couple more minutes. The mixture will stick together in a large ball so keep moving it around in the pot.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and lay one sheet of baking paper onto the baking tray. Turn the fruit and nut mixture into the tray, lay the second sheet of baking paper over the mixture and press the mixture down until it is about one centimetre thick.

Refrigerate for a minimum of three hours; then (with a sharp knife) cut it into bar-size or bite-size pieces.

You should get approx 24 bars (more if you cut them smaller).

Tip. When storing, keep refrigerated and place a sheet of baking paper between each layer.

Tip. Individually wrap bars in pieces of baking paper for easier storage in your backpack.

Tip. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the mix and press them in, before refrigerating.



1/3 of a 500g jar of Rice Bran Syrup (low GI sugar alternative)

1/3 of a 500g jar of Tahini
(ground sesame paste)

1 x 400-500g bag of fruit and nut mix (I like the one with cranberries and white choc buds)

2 x 30cm2 sheets of baking paper

1 x 30cm2 baking tray




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