Terrain Tamer release upgraded 300 Series LandCruiser air filter inserts

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Terrain Tamer have recently expanded their range of Air Filter Inserts to include a kit for Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series, adding to their already existing catalogue for other LandCruiser models, as well as Hilux and Prado vehicles.

According to Terrain Tamer, vehicles including Hilux KUN/GUN models, as well as the LandCruiser Prado 120/150 series, VDJ76/78/79, and VDJ200 models are prone to the issue of dusting. Terrain Tamer also says that since its release back in 2022, the 300 Series has proven to have similar problems.

And why is this?

Terrain Tamer says the original design of the airbox, or upper filter housing, of these models features a seal surface which is too narrow to match the seal of the filter itself. As a result, the filter is not able to be fully effective, as it does not properly seal, allowing dust to pass through the airbox and enter the engine intake, causing havoc with engine components.

How can Terrain Tamer fix this?

To combat this problem, Terrain Tamer have designed vehicle specific, stainless steel filter inserts, which, when fitted, create a surface area that perfectly matches the filter, aligning in the correct position to properly seal and effectively working to reduce the issue of dusting.

The inserts are Design Protected and are available now in kits, which also include the corresponding air filter, as well as sealant required for fitting.

To find out more, visit: terraintamer.com


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