2019 Holden Colorado 4×4 range offers seven years’ free servicing…limited-time offer

Holden Colorado


All Holden Colorado 4x4s purchased from today (October 1) until 31 December will receive seven years’ free scheduled servicing.

Holden has introduced seven years’ free scheduled servicing on its Colorado 4×4 range commencing with all LS, LSX, LTZ and Z71 4×4 vehicles delivered from 1 October until 31 December.


Making the announcement, Andre Scott, General Manager of Colorado Marketing, said, “The MY20 Colorado was launched earlier this year and has been very well received by the market place, but this seven years’ free servicing is an example of Holden ‘putting its money where its mouth is’ in what is an incredibly competitive segment where competitors typically offer ‘capped price’ servicing schemes for up to six years.

“Just to be clear, this offer is for seven years’ free servicing, rather than capped price servicing, and on a 4×4 Colorado that represents over $3000 in additional value. In covering these service costs for our customers, I hope that more of them are able to spend the extra cash in their pockets to get out and drive what I believe is one of the most capable four-wheel drive utes available,” Mr Scott said.




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