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Tyre blowouts can be caused by a number of things, however the good people at Tyredog claim they are generally preventable. More often than not, they are a result of a slow leak which gradually allows the tyre to build up heat and explode. The Tyredog Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is the ideal guard dog for your tyres. Tyredog claims it can transmit changes as little as 0.5psi and 1 degree in temperature to the LCD screen in the cabin. This dog is loyal, talented and perfect for 4WDing or towing, performing many tricks such as monitoring between two and 36 wheels. For $299, you can purchase the four-wheel kit, or $379 will get you the towing kit which can be easily swapped between monitoring four and six wheels. A cheap investment, considering how expensive tyres are these days.


Priced from: $299

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