Ultimate 9 scan tools simplifies diesels

Every new generation of 4×4 we want more. More towing ability. Bigger power outputs. Improved fuel economy. Sharper throttle response. Cleaner emissions. We’re insatiable. You’ve only gotta read the comments of any new 4×4 release. Even with increasing power and decreasing fuel consumption it’s still not enough for some people. They want more. It puts manufacturers in a difficult position. In the old days if you wanted more power you made the engine bigger. If you wanted better fuel consumption you made the engine smaller. Unfortunately, as manufacturers have yet to discover some new fuel source the only option is to make things more and more complex chasing efficiencies. 


It’s made things an absolute nightmare for the home mechanic. Any sensor with a bit of grit in it can potentially shut your 4×4 down without a moments notice. And no obvious problem to look for. 

Melbourne based company Ultimate 9 have just released to the market their new range of products designed to make life easier for the home tinkerer or outback traveller. The Codebreakers. 

The details

Available in handheld and mountable versions; the Codebreaker scan tools plug directly into your late model 4x4s diagnostics port and can pull out any bit of data the engine’s computer uses to keep things running. The units read the internal codes then spit out an easily readable fault letting you know exactly what to check when things go wrong. 

The dash mounted Codebreaker 4 Mode also features built in trip computers giving you info like average speed, max speed, driving time etc. As well as a full suite of digital gauges for everything from  rail pressure to engine load. 

The simpler Codebreaker Handheld gives you all the diagnostic capabilities of the 4 mode for a cheaper price, just without the gauges and monitoring features. 

To see the full specs on both scan tools head over to the Ultimate 9 website at the link below

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