2024 Toyota HiLux suspension buyers’ guide

By Evan Spence 14 Min Read

If you own a late-model HiLux, and are looking for a suspension lift to make it even better off-road, here’s the place to start. Back in 2015, Toyota released the updated GUN HiLux, sometimes dubbed the N80, onto the Australian market. It offered a step forward for Australian four-wheel drivers. Now coming with a rear diff lock, an effective traction control system, and the introduction of the 2.8L turbo-diesel motor. Still used today in most Toyota 4x4s. Including the 2024 70 Series LandCruiser. 


The one key area the HiLux could be improved on, however, is ride quality. They just ride on the rough side when compared to the Ford Ranger, or Volkswagen Amarok, for example. The good news is you can fix this with a quality aftermarket suspension upgrade. This will also increase load-carrying ability, off-road ability, and give you better road handling if done correctly.  

We ran an article back in 2022 for the suspension offerings out there on the market, you can READ THAT HERE. So for 2024 we wanted to focus on vehicle-specific options out there. To kick things off, let’s take a closer look at a range of suspension kits available for the current model Toyota HiLux.  

Let’s go shopping 

ARB Old Man Emu 

Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Suspension has been around seemingly since the LandCruiser first arrived in Australia. ARB offers complete suspension kits to suit the 2015+ HiLux, as well as most popular makes and models. This suspension kit will provide 40mm of lift, and there are a variety of spring rate options available to suit your load-carrying requirements. ARB also offers high-end BP-51 remote reservoir shock absorbers, and their latest MT64 shock absorbers, which sit in the middle of their shock absorber range.


Priced from: POA – contact your local ARB store

Why we rate it? Well-proven out of the box, and with an ARB store in every state of Australia, spare parts backup is excellent.


Bilstein offers a range of suspension kits to suit the 2024 HiLux, ranging in lift heights from 40mm right up to 3-inches of lift. There is also a wide range of spring rates available, front and rear, to suit varying accessories you might have fitted. IF the standard B6 shock absorber isn’t enough for you, there is the massive B60 Shock absorber from Bilstein – however these beefy shocks come with an equally hefty price tag. Unlike the B6 shocks, which are rather well priced. Bilstein offers a 12-month warranty on this 2024 Toyota HiLux lift kit, which can be purchased through resellers, or from Heasmans Suspension in Sydney.

Priced from: $2085

Why we rate it? Well-priced for proven shock absorbers, loads of options to refine your setup also. 

Dobinson Monotube IFP (IMS)

Dobinson are an Australian suspension company, that specialise in spring manufacturing. They have since expanded their range of 4×4 accessories, to cover everything from bull bars to winches, but suspension is the core of what they do. Their latest monotube shock absorber, the IFP or IMS, has been designed with quality in mind. Some features include composite piston wear bands, high quality Fuchs oil and a race style 3-stage sealing system offer the lowest levels of friction whilst maintaining durability and longevity without the need for frequent rebuilding or servicing. Each IMS shock has been designed to ensure a balance of comfort, handling, vehicle control and off-road performance. Lifts range in size from 50-mm to 75mm, with a range of spring rates available to suit your HiLux.

Priced from: $2140


Why we rate it? Newish mono-tube suspension from a local company, with a large dealer network – this makes parts back up Australia-wide easy for Dobinsons. 

EFS Elite 

EFS has loads of options for suspension to suit the 2015+ Toyota HiLux. The Elite range sits towards the entry-level end of their product line-up, with Xtreme, and remote res MRP shocks also available for those doing more hard core off-roading. Lift options range from 40mm to 75mm (three inch lift), and as you’d expect from a manufacturer of springs, there are a wide range of spring rates available to suit your requirements.

Priced from: $1924.70 

Why we rate it? Well-priced gear, from a company that has been making suspension in Australia since 1962.  

Fulcrum Suspension

Fulcrum Suspension provide variety of suspension brands and options for the Toyota HiLux, including GVM upgrades. Brands available include RAW 4×4, Bilstein, and Fulcrum’s own range of Formula 4X4 shock absorbers. Lift options from Fulcrum seem to stay around the 50mm mark, which is a good amount of lift for the HiLux. If you shop on the Fulcrum website, you can opt for Click And Fit, which provides you with the installed price of the suspension, and says you’ll have it fitted within two weeks of opening your wallet.

Priced from: $2093

Why we rate it? Wide range of products available, fitting prices are also included on the website.

Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro

Ironman 4×4’s Foam Cell Pro suspension has been on the market for a decent period of time now, and we have seen plenty of solid reviews from the owners. Being an Australian company, that ships globally, there are plenty of reviews from the USA as well, that not only explain how these shocks work, but also explain their benefits. The front struts are ride height adjustable, which is handy, there are a variety of spring rate options available also.

Priced from: $2762 

Why we rate it? These Foam Cell Pros are getting solid reviews from owners, both locally and globally

Outback Armour 

Outback Armour has proven to be a great bang-for-buck option for the HiLux. With a massive warranty, a huge range of shock absorbers and struts (including height and valving adjustable), and complete kits that include everything you’ll need. There are three different spring rate options, all of which will offer approximately 50mm of lift. Outback Armour also offers upper control arms, jounce stops (bump stops) and a wide range of suspension components to get the most out of your HiLux.

Priced from: $2385 

Why we rate it? Outback Armour supplies complete kits, so for the HiLux, that means things like spacers for the brake lines, extended bump stops an=ll covered by a massive warranty.

Superior Engineering 

Looking to take your HiLux to the next level? Superior Engineering has everything you need to achieve that. From a basic two-inch lift, to remote res shocks, to full rear-end coil conversions. Lifts range in size from 40mm up to four inches, and Superior Engineering can handle GVM upgrades too. Pictured is the Superior Engineering monotube IFP 2.0 two-inch lift kit. There are three different spring load rating options available in this particular kit, giving you loads of options depending on the accessories you have fitted.

Priced from: $2843

Why we rate it? Aussie company, supplying four-wheel drive suspension for your HiLux, from mild-to-wild.

Terrain Tamer 

If you are looking for options, Terrain Tamer has loads available to suit the 2015-2024 Toyota HiLux 4×4. From a nice upgraded 40mm lift kit, all the way to full-blown GVM upgrades, Terrain Tamer will have an option for your HiLux. They are also one of the innovators in the Parabolic Springs sector, providing leaf springs for popular dual-cab utes, that they say are lighter, offer more suspension travel, and a better ride. Terrain Tamer have a massive distribution network, making it easier to get the suspension kit, as well as any spare parts should the need arise down the track.

Priced from: $2659.60

Why we rate it? Strong backup, loads of options to suit the HiLux, including Parabolic Leaf Springs.

The Ultimate Suspension  

The Ultimate Suspension deals in bespoke suspension setups, as well as a wide range of 4×4 accessories. They take a more specialised approach. This means they’ll want to know what weight you carry, where you’ll be taking your HiLux, and what you want to achieve with it. The Ultimate suspension pride themselves on being thorough. They will test your braking system, measure headlight heights, perform wheel alignments – all in house. This saves you time and money, knowing they can handle your suspension and 4×4 upgrades under one roof, as well as ship products to your door. If you want a personalised approach to setting the suspension up in your HiLux, get in touch with The Ultimate Suspension in Sydney.

Priced from: $2096.36

Why we rate it? Proper service. The Ultimate Suspension take the time to get to know what you want to achieve with your vehicle and can customise a product to suit your requirements.

TJM Roamer 

TJM released their Roamer range of suspension roughly a year ago, so it’s early days. You can tell they put a focus on offering quality gear that also looks the part. The shock absorbers are nitrogen gas charged, and the springs offered will supply an approximately 50mm lift. TJM also offers a 3-year 100,000km warranty, which is great to see them back their product.

Priced from: POA

Why we rate it? They are a nice-looking bit of gear, and it’s great to see TJM advancing their suspension line-up.

Tough Dog Foam Cell  

Tough Dog has been a big player in the off-road suspension scene since before GQ Patrols and 80 Series LandCruisers were sold new. When it comes to the 2024 Toyota HiLux, Tough Dog have a wide range of suspension kits, including Foam Cell, and adjustable shocks. There are spring rates available to suit varying loads, and they offer fitting services and wheel alignments at their head office in Sydney’s Marsden Park. Tough Dog upper control arms are also available at an extra cost to suit the N80 HiLux.

Priced from: $2191

Why we rate it? Long established brand, dealers nationwide, loads of options available

This HiLux has just received the Ultimate Suspension treatment, to show you what a HiLux should look like with some lift

Suspension kits specs 

ARB3 year/unlimited kilometre 40mmFrom POA
Bilstein3 year/60,000km40mm-75mmFrom $2085
Dobinson IMS3 year/60,000km 50mmFrom $2140
EFS3 year/100,000km40mmFrom $1924.70
Fulcrum Suspension 12 month/20,000km50mmFrom $2093
Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro3 year/60,000km50mmFrom $2762
Outback Armour5 year/unlimited kilometre 50mmFrom $2385
Superior Engineering 2 year/unlimited kilometre 40mm-100mmFrom $2843
Terrain Tamer3 year/100,000km40mmFrom $2659.60
The Ultimate Suspension Lifetime on springs, 2-year on shocks20mm-50mm (consult them for other options)From $2096.36
TJM Roamer 3 year/100,000km50mmFrom POA
Tough Dog Foam Cell4 year/unlimited kilometres40mmFrom $2191

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