Bull bar laws clarified in Western Australia

West Australian bull bar laws clarified

Regulations in Western Australia have been updated to clarify the design, specification and fitment of bull bars, roo bars and nudge bars.

The West Australian Department of Transport has issued an updated Circular to Industry which revises the standard around safety requirements applying to the design, specification and fitment of Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems (VFPS) to vehicles on WA roads. The update applies to products manufactured after July 1, 2019.


While there have been no changes to the standard on how bull bars, nudge bars and roo bars should be constructed, the updated Circular to Industry has clarified what many in the VFPS industry considered to be “ambiguous”, according to the Automotive Aftermarket Association of Australia (AAAA).

Lesley Yates, Director Advocacy, Marketing and Research at the AAAA, said the AAAA had been actively involved in the CI update process on behalf of VFPS members, claiming the clarifications ensure a balance between the protection of vehicle occupants from animal strikes and the safety of pedestrians.

“We work with a lot of regulators across the country and I have to say the WA DoT engineers were terrific. It’s always an important balance to maintain regulations that meet safety requirements and make sense to vehicle owners.  When vehicle standards make sense to owners, they are more likely to receive a high level of compliance”.




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