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Let’s face it, if you’re going off-road you’ll need a good set of powerful LED lights to a) not get into any trouble and b) make the most of your drive – it’s way more fun if you can check out your track along the way.


When it comes to fitting out our vehicles with lights, Roadvision is always a great option. In a couple of quick fixes, Roadvision’s premium LED Bars and Driving Lights can turn your vehicle into a stealth machine, fit for any unlit tracks.

With that in mind, we were stoked to hear about Roadvision’s new Stealth Series. The range includes three Stealth LED bars and two Stealth Driving Lights. Here’s the low-down.

What’s new with the Stealth Series?

We know appearance isn’t everything, but seriously, the Stealth Series’ sleek and modern aesthetic draws you in. Once they’ve got your attention, the high-quality technology is the real draw-card. Each component in the range features Osram LED lights which offer high thermal management, maximum performance, and practicality. You can put this gear through the worst weather conditions possible and its sleek coating wouldn’t budge. You can thank the lightweight aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses for that. 

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Key features of the Stealth Series include:

  • Built tough: these lights can withstand the hardest conditions.
  • Better performance: Project Beam Technology produces more light output from a smaller package.
  • Premium aesthetics: the Bar lights’ smoked look lenses and blacked-out mounting creates a low-profile, sleek finish. In addition, the Driving Lights have gone bezel-less, offering a cleaner look.
  • Mounting flexibility: all models include end and slide mounts. The S52 and S70 models include an adjustable mounting system that allows multiple height settings using rubber cam isolators. Designed with slots, each slot can be top, centre or bottom mounted to allow for precise positioning.
  • Seven-year warranty: enough said, right?

Which Stealth Series Light Bar is right for you?


The super-compact S40 Series is better suited for extended beam penetration and lower short-range intensity. If you are highway driving, this model is perfect for you.

Bush tracks

The S52 Series has been designed to produce high-intensity output and mid-to-long range beam penetration. If you’ve got tracks off-the-beaten-path on your agenda, the S52 Series will be your best mate.

Serious adventurers 

Seeking off-road thrills or simply wanting the very best? The S70 is your best bet. Offering both maximum intensity and long-range beam penetration, this is the ultimate LED light bar.

Which Stealth Series Driving Light is right for you?

Small to medium vehicles 

If you own a smaller four-wheel drive or SUV, the S7 Driving Lights will suit your needs. Fitted out with 16 x 3W Osram LEDs, these lights produce an impressive 5130lm per light and 631mts of beam penetration.

Large vehicles

The S9 series has been designed for larger four-wheel drives and trucks. Mount this to your vehicle and look forward to your 34 x 3W Osram LEDs creating 10485lm per light and 912mts of beam penetration. 

It’s fair to say that Roadvision is lighting the way in the automotive market for advanced, high-tech products (excuse the pun). 

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