NSW four-wheel driving back on track, but no camping… yet

By Wes Whitworth 3 Min Read

Going out four-wheel driving is back on track in NSW with those who live in the state now allowed to go for a ‘picnic’, however, there is no camping allowed… yet.

As of tomorrow, Friday, 15 May 2020, New South Welshmen (and Welshwomen), will be allowed to go four-wheel driving for the purposes of a ‘picnic’ with up to 10 people in an outdoor area.

After many phone calls and emails to both the Premier’s office, Wes’ local member, National Parks and Wildlife, and NSW Forestry Corporation, we can confirm that you are now allowed to head out for a four-wheel drive as of tomorrow.

Aside from the telephone conversations with the different governing bodies, NSW Health has answered some questions on its Facebook post surrounding the easing of restrictions placed upon the state in response to COVID-19. One such question was around how far one can go for a ‘picnic’, and whether the local beach or national park was ‘ok’. But please bear in mind that this does not include going for a holiday, or camping, or an overnighter – this is strictly for day trips.


Covid Rules Relaxed

New South Wales Health responded that there is “no limit on the distance that a person may travel. It is important to continue to practice good hygiene and physical distancing while you are socially together. Please remember that travelling for the purpose of a holiday is not allowed.”

So, from tomorrow, those of us in New South Wales will be allowed to take our four-wheel drives out onto the tracks of NSW, for a picnic, exercise or, interestingly enough, fishing.

After conversations with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, we’ve received confirmation that those who plan to get out there this weekend still need to ensure that the park and tracks they wish to drive on are actually open. Unfortunately, many high-traffic areas remain closed to limit the impact of COVID-19, plus there are still many areas recovering from the summer bushfires.

To see what’s open in NSW check the NSW NPWS website here or the NSW State Forest website here.

So, go forth and explore! But make sure you stay safe, check what’s open and what’s not, and keep practising social distancing while you’re out and about!

As for Tassie, Victoria and Queensland, we’re chasing up your rulings and we’ll get back to you as soon as we hear anything!


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