Ryco says their new air filter is 99.99% efficient

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Ryco has just released the new NanoCel High-Efficiency air filter, which they are saying offers 99.99% efficiency thanks to Supercar racing technology. It has been designed to fit into factory air boxes, and won’t affect your new vehicle warranty.

What’s the story?

An air filter has two main jobs. Let enough air to pass through, so the engine can breath. And be efficient enough at filtering, that no dust or debris enters the vehicle’s intake system. Simple, right? Wrong. There is so much that goes into a good quality air filter. We reckon it’s cool to see someone having a crack at creating new technology in the air filter space. We all need an air filter in our 4×4 at the end of the day.


As mentioned, Ryco claims this air filter offers 99.99% efficiency. And if we look at the test data provided, you can see there is a 90% reduction in dust ingress with the Ryco NanoCel High-Efficiency air filter. These numbers are truly impressive for anyone who regularly travels in dusty conditions or in a convoy.

Ryco tells us the NanoCel air filter was developed and tested in Australia, to extend the life of modern 4×4 engines. They also wanted to introduce something never before seen in the market. 

Air filter construction

The core material used in the NanoCel air filter, is a honeycomb cell structure. This is said to offer 4.2 times more filtration media than an equilivant OE air filter. By allowing for greater media (that’s what we also call Unsealed 4×4 – I’ll stop) to fit into small spaces, Ryco says this design maintains both the filters life but also ability to flow. This material is also more water resistant than traditional paper air filters. Not that we’re encouraging you to test that out…

What will at fit?

Being a new release, there are limited fitments available at the time of writing. However, you can expect this range to expand rapidly. So far, there is a NanoCel air filter to suit replace an A1634 air filter, or the Toyota 17801-51020. We’ll update this as more part numbers become available.

NanoCel features

  • Made with fire retardant and hydrophobic coated media
  • Features a unique honeycomb pleating construction
  • Offers 4.2sqm of filtration area
  • Maximum sealing to prevent leakage through the gasket
  • Fits in existing factory air box
  • Works with new vehicle warranty protection

For more information, be sure to visit: www.ryco.com.au to check out their range of filters, catch cans and loads of other goodies for your 4×4.


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