2024 Isuzu D-Max suspension buyers’ guide 

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New for 2024, is the updated Isuzu D-Max. As we recently reported, there’s loads to love about the 2024 model for Australian four-wheel drivers. Namely the better off-road credentials, thanks to the advanced traction control system known as Rough Terrain Mode. This makes the 2024 D-Max a far more capable vehicle than the 2023 model it replaces. However, you can always make a good thing even better, and a suspension upgrade is one of the first things I’d do to a 2024 Isuzu D-Max. 

While the 2024 model Isuzu D-Max has been improved in many areas over the previous model, the suspension used is the same. This means there are loads of aftermarket options already available to improve the ride and increase the ride height of your new Isuzu D-Max. Let’s take a look at some of the popular suspension lift kits available for the 2024 Isuzu D-Max. 


ARB Old Man Emu 

ARB’s Old Man Emu suspension is basically a household name these days. Naturally, they offer a range of suspension options for the 2024 Isuzu D-Max. The main suspension kit will provide 40mm of lift, with a variety of spring rate options available to suit load-carrying requirements including GVM upgrades. ARB also offers high-end BP-51 remote reservoir shock absorbers, and their latest MT64 shock absorbers, which sit in the middle of their shock absorber range.

Priced from: POA – contact your local ARB store

Why we rate it? Well-proven suspension, with loads of options, all backed by a massive Australia-wide dealer network.  

Buy it here

Bilstein B6

Bilstein offers a range of suspension kits to suit the 2024 Isuzu D-Max, ranging in lift heights from 40mm right up to 3-inches of lift – but those kits require a fair bit more work than a simpler 40-50mm lift. Spring rates options are available, front and rear, to suit the level of accessories you might have fitted. Bilstein are a monotube shock absorber that can be both rebuilt and revalved. Bilstein offers a 12-month warranty on this 2024 Isuzu D-Max lift kit, which can be purchased through resellers, or from Heasman’s Suspension in Sydney.


Priced from: $2311 

Why we rate it? Well-priced for proven shock absorbers, plenty of options available for spring rates and lift heights. 

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Dobinson Monotube IMS

Dobinson’s latest monotube shock absorber release, the IMS, will also work with the 2020+ Isuzu D-Max platform. Some features include composite piston wear bands, high-quality Fuchs oil, and a race-style 3-stage sealing system offers the lowest levels of friction whilst maintaining durability and longevity without the need for frequent rebuilding or servicing. Lifts range in size from 40-mm to 75mm, with a range of spring rates available to suit your new D-Max.

Priced from: $2505

Why we rate it: Newish mono-tube suspension from an Australian suspension company, they look the goods too. 

Buy it here

EFS Elite 

The Elite range sits towards the entry-level end of their product line-up for the 2024 Isuzu D-Max. There are other options for those who are harder on the gear or like to go more remote. Lift options range from 40mm to 75mm (three inch lift), and as you’d expect from a manufacturer of springs, there is a wide range of spring rates available to suit your requirements.

Priced from: $1821.60 

Why we rate it? Affordable pricing, EFS has been in business since 1962 – and they manufacture suspension components   

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Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro

Ironman Foam Cell Pro shocks have built a solid reputation for durability. One look at them tells you that they are a seriously beefy option. We like that the front struts are ride height adjustable, which is handy, there are a variety of spring rate options available also. Ironman 4×4 has an extensive dealer network which is reassuring. There are also other suspension kits in their line-up that are more affordable if this higher-end gear is out of your budget. 


Priced from: $2800

Why we rate it? Beefy gear, that has proven to be up to Aussie conditions 

Buy it here 

Outback Armour 

With an impressive warranty, a range of shock absorbers and struts (including height and valving adjustable), and complete kits that include everything you’ll need – Outback Armour suspension ticks lots of boxes. There are three different spring rate options, all of which will offer approximately 50mm of lift. Outback Armour also stock a wide range of suspension components to get the most out of your 2024 D-Max.

Priced from: $2393

Why we rate it? Complete suspension kits, with a massive warranty 

Buy it here

Superior Engineering 

Superior Engineering offers three different shock absorbers in their 50mm lift kits to suit the 2024 Isuzu D-Max. There’s a Monotube, Nitro Gas Twin Tube, and Remote Reservoir shock absorber available. There are also three different spring load rating options available, giving you loads of options depending on the accessories you have fitted. Superior Engineering can also handle GVM upgrades for your D-Max, and stock a wide range of suspension components and brands – making them a true one-stop 4×4 shop. 

Priced from: $2456 – $3440 

Why we rate it? Quality gear, from an Australian company. Loads of options to suit varying needs. Superior Engineering has a three-year warranty on all Superior Engineering branded products.

Buy it here

Terrain Tamer 

We ran Terrain Tamer suspension, including their Parabolic leaf springs, in our recent Project D-Max build series (you can read about that here). And had a great run from the product. We liked that it offered a better ride on and off-road, as well as better articulation. A 40mm lift is provided from the Terrain Tamer lift kit to suit the Isuzu D-Max range, with many options for spring rates – right up to 600kg in the back – which is a huge upgrade for those that need to tow or carry heavy constant loads. 

Priced from: $2623.87

Why we rate it? Terrain Tamer have a massive distribution network, making it easier to get the suspension kit, as well as any spare parts

Buy it here

The Ultimate Suspension  

If you want a personalised approach to setting the suspension up in your 2025 Isuzu D-Max, get in touch with The Ultimate Suspension in Sydney. The Ultimate suspension are thorough. And don’t offer a one size fits all approach to 4×4 suspension or accessories. They will test your braking system, measure headlight heights, perform wheel alignments – all in-house. If you can’t make it to their Sydney location, they can ship products to your door as well. However, it’s worth the trip to pay them a visit to get your D-Max (or any 4×4) sorted.  

Priced from: $2159.28 (Fitted for $3022.28) 

Why we rate it? The Ultimate Suspension are suspension experts, they will take the time to make sure the job is done right for you the first time 

Buy it here 

Suspension kits specs 

BrandWarrantyLift Priced from
ARB 3 year/unlimited kilometre40mmPOA
Bilstein 3 year/60,000km40-75mm$2311 
3 year/60,000km
3 year/100,000km
Ironman 4×4 3 year/60,000km50mm$2800
Outback Armour 5 year/unlimited kilometre50mm$2393
Superior Engineering
2 year/unlimited kilometre
50mm$2456 – $3440 
Terrain Tamer 3 year/100,000km40mm$2623.87
The Ultimate Suspension Lifetime on springs, 2-year on shocks40mm$2159.28


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