DIY Driveway: Installing Tred side-mount and flat-mount recovery board kits


A set of TRED Mounting Brackets and Adapter Kits allows for easy and secure fitment of recovery boards to roof racks.

TRED has developed two new mounting options for TRED Pro and other recovery boards for secure fitment to roof racks while providing quick and easy access for when you need them fast. The new mounting adapter kits are used in conjunction with TRED mounting brackets and they allow for either side roof-rack mounting or flat roof-rack mounting of recovery boards.

Img 6345
The side-mount adapter kit suits ARB and other roof racks with upper and lower tubes.

Made from high tensile nylon, the Aussie-made adapter kits are easy to install, come with stainless steel hardware and are covered by a 12-month warranty. The side-mount kits work on roof racks with a 25mm upper tube rail and 35mm lower tube rail (such as ARB roof racks), and a centre-to-centre rail measurement of 115mm to 160mm. The flat-mount kits work on roof racks with 25mm crossbars beneath the mesh. Two adapter kits and two mounting brackets are recommended for secure fitment of a pair of recovery boards.

Tred Mounting Bracket Adapter Kit V44
The side-mount adapter kit comes with a Nylon U-bracket, lower hook bracket and stainless steel hardware.

The side-mount adapter kit includes a nylon U-bracket and lower hook bracket, and is supplied with stainless steel bolts, washers and Nyloc nuts. Two adapter kits are required to fit two mounting brackets, which allows you to secure a pair of recovery boards to your roof rack, or up to four boards when using optional extended pins.

Fitment of the side-mount adapter kits is a straightforward process, and should only take around 10-15 minutes – just fit the lower hook bracket to the mounting bracket and pop it on to the lower tube of the roof rack, then fit the nylon U-bracket to the upper tube of the roof rack and attach the mounting bracket with the supplied bolts. Once you have positioned the two mounting brackets – the correct distance apart to suit your recovery boards – you can tighten all the bolts.



The flat-mount kit is similar to the side-mount kit, but it does not include the lower hook bracket. Fitment is just as easy – just fit the nylon U-bracket under a cross bar on the roof rack and attach the mounting bracket with the supplied stainless steel hardware. If the second U-bracket doesn’t line up with another of the roof rack’s cross bars, it can be affixed under the mesh floor and then secured to the mounting bracket. In the attached video, the mounting brackets have been positioned and affixed to the adapter kits across the roof rack, but greater recovery board stability would be achieved by mounting them longitudinally.

Tred Mounting Bracket Adapter Kit V43
The flat-mount adapter kit comes with a Nylon bracket and stainless steel hardware.


Img 6373
The flat-mount adapter kit fits under the roof rack’s cross bar and mesh, and the mounting bracket is then bolted down on top.

Thanks to moveable pins, the mounting brackets suit TRED Pro, TRED HD, TRED GT, TRED 1100, TRED 800 and MaxTrax recovery boards. Once secured to the roof rack using the new mounting adapter kits, the recovery boards simply fit over the baseplate pins and are secured with lockable ratchet handles. Just push the four handles down on the pins and they lock in place. You can then rotate the top and fit a padlock through to deter theft of your recovery boards. Longer pins ($19.95 a pair) can be purchased for those who wish to fit two pairs of recovery boards.

The side-mount adapter kits are $15.95 each (you need two) and the flat-mount adapter kits are $12.95 each (again, you need two). You’ll also need two mounting baseplates, and these are $64.95 each. For full details check out the TRED website.




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