Go where you want and the X2 follows.



The thing I like most about this trailer is that it doesn’t hold you back from going where you want to be. It just follows you up rocky tracks, through steep creek crossings and anything else thrown at it. The X2 does this so easily that I had to check the rear vision mirror to see if it was still there! In its base model without any options, the X2 is a trailer. Why would anyone want just a trailer? If you are like me you’ll probably already have a tent or a swag, a stove and a fridge – so why would you want to pay for things you don’t actually need? The beauty of the X2 is in its rugged versatility.


If you are a young couple, this would be a great place to start as it will provide the ideal travelling companion for those hard-to-get-to places. As your family grows, the X2 can grow with you. If you are a family who can’t fit everything plus the kids into the 4WD, then an X2 will give you that space and peace of mind at a price that won’t break the bank. Should you choose to upgrade to something larger, I doubt that depreciation on one of these beauties will be the hidden cost it might be with other campers. For me, I like to travel fast – to ‘difficult to get to’ places with my wife or daughter. By fast, I mean that I don’t like to spend much time setting up or pulling down camp. I’d much rather enjoy where I am. I also don’t like to have to worry if the trailer will make it through rough, narrow tracks. The X2 would suit this type of travel perfectly.




It would be surprising if you hadn’t already heard of the Patriot camper brand as its campers have been taken to the roughest of places in full view of the cameras and they never seem to miss a beat. Like its larger sibling the X1, the X2 has been designed from the ground up using the latest CAD programs with many of the components laser-cut for an exact fit. The trailers are built on the Gold Coast using Australian components. Patriot is a family business that puts its gear through plenty of testing and R&D.


As mentioned before, the base model doesn’t come with a tent – but it does have a Rhino platform rack on the top of the trailer as standard. This provides ample space for whatever tent or swag combination you already have. The Rhino is also very flexible for carrying bikes, kayaks and all sorts of accessories.



With 1,500 litres of internal storage space, you should be able to store everything you need for a weekend or a lot longer. There are two wet/dirty storage areas at each rear corner of the trailer – these are handy for those items like wetsuits, snatch straps or anything else that is best kept away from clean/dry areas. There is a 70L water tank cleverly integrated into the chassis and sitting out of harm’s way over the suspension. A pressurised pump is used to efficiently move the water to outlets at both the rear and side of the trailer. The hose (with trigger handle and water filling cap) is located in a locked compartment.


The front of the trailer houses a large storage compartment that includes a fire extinguisher and can be optioned to store the hot water system on a custom-built tray. This is a good-sized compartment that can hold a Weber BBQ and a couple of jerry cans. On the driver’s side, running the full length of the trailer, is another large compartment with a fold-down table top. This area could be used for many different items that require a dust-free compartment as it is pressurised using an air inlet at the front. The air is filtered to eliminate dust.



An equally-sized compartment on the off-side houses the Redarc BMS, switches and 12V outlets including USB outlets. There is also a slide-out small pantry and room for an optional stereo and two-burner stove. The drop-down cover acts as a table with its scratch and heat resistant stainless steel covering. This will be the main food preparation and work area of the trailer.


The large main compartment opens with another drop-down door at the rear of the X2 that is the perfect height for using as a table when sitting in a chair. On the right side of this compartment is the kitchen slide-out with room for a 50L fridge as well as a pantry box, cutlery draw and collapsible sink. The left side of this compartment is suitable for those long bulky items such as chairs, tables and awning poles. LED lights are fitted to all large compartments so that finding everything should be a breeze.



When packed down and closed up the X2 is a remarkably neat and good looking unit. The different colours available should suit every taste, and the laser cut metal decals give it a ‘pro’ look. Even though I didn’t see many people while I was testing the X2, there were plenty of compliments on the setup I had.


On this particular trailer, the Jame Baroud sleeping option was fitted. It was super-easy to set up, comfortable to sleep in and easy to pull down for travelling.  I’m personally not keen on ladders at night, and rain would be difficult to keep out when entering/exit the Baroud. Other sleeping options include a couple of rooftop tents and a Patriot integrated tent with change area. The integrated tent would be the best option if travelling where rain is likely. Each of these options can be quickly taken off the Rhino rack and replaced with a swag or anything else you choose.


One of the great design features of the Patriot campers is the awning system which uses a Foxwing on top of a patented gas-strut assisted awning lift. The awning is taken from its travelling height to camping height easily and quickly. From the Cruisemaster independent suspension to the DO35 hitch to the drawbar design, everything about the Patriot X2 shouts quality and thoughtful contrivance.




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