Ultimate9 EOFY Super Sale on from 16 – 30th of June 2024

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It’s that time of the year again, and EOFY sales will be flying thick and fast. As a free publication, we never ask you for a cent to read Unsealed 4×4. We also want to help you save money on the four-wheel drive gear you need. So, to get the EOFY party going, here are six deals from the team at Ultimate9 that we wanted you, our loyal audience, to know about.

Ultimate9 Merchandise

What’s on sale: Ultimate9 Tees, Caps, Mini Speakers, Stubbys, Keyrings & EVC Accessories (customisable EVC Faceplates and magnetic mounts which are sold separately) are all on sale.


What’s the discount: 25% off Ultimate9 Merchandise

Where to get it: To get your discounted Ultimate9 Mech, simply CLICK HERE

Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitors

What’s on sale: Monitoring the health of a 12V battery is made easy with the Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor (BBM), This clever device continuously monitors a battery’s voltage and charge status, and sends the information to the free-to-download Ultimate9 BM App. The Ultimate9 BM app allows the user to set two alarms, alerting to low voltage situations and the need to recharge.  Available for Lithium and Lead Acid batteries.

What’s the discount: 20% off Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitors

Where to get it: To get 20% off an Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor, simply CLICK HERE

Codebreaker OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

What’s on sale: Codebreaker 4 Mode OBD2 Computer – Plug this handy unit directly into your vehicle’s OBD2 system under the dash and access a range of gauges, record up to 300 hours of trip data and diagnose fault codes with ease. 

Codebreaker OBD2 Scan Tool & Code Reader – A compact device capable of scanning, reading, and diagnosing any problems present in an OBD2 vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). Any errors encountered are clearly displayed on the screen alongside a short description. Once resolved, the vehicle’s ‘Check Engine Light’ can be cleared.


What’s the discount: 20% off

Where to get it: For your 20% discount on Codebreaker OBD2 Diagnostic Tools, simply CLICK HERE

Codebreaker Head-Up Display

What’s on sale: Head Up Displays allow access to core dash information such as a vehicle’s speed at a higher-up location & offer a more accurate digital readout of vehicle speed over traditional analogue/needle readouts, making it easier to concentrate on the road ahead. The Codebreaker range of HUDs has something for everyone with wired GPS (for accurate speed regardless of tyre size), plug-and-play OBD2 and solar-powered models available.

What’s the discount: 15% off

Where to get it: For a 15% discount on Codebreaker Head Up Display units, simply CLICK HERE

Ultimate9 LED Lighting

What’s on sale: Ultimate9’s range of LED Lighting utilises tried and tested components to ensure optimum lighting performance in a durable shell. This results in a range that is comparable to its high-end counterparts while maintaining a competitive price point, giving the end user a better bang for their buck. Ultimate9 has all of your essential LED Lighting needs covered with LED Work Lights, LED Rock Lights and a range of slim-line, single-row LED Light Bars in various sizes to suit any automotive or recreational application. Plus, check out their range of compatible High Beam Adaptors, looms, switches and mounts to make installation of any LED Lighting accessory easy and convenient.

Products on sale include: LED Light Bars, LED Work Lights, LED High Beam Adaptors & Wiring, LED Switches & LED Mounts + Ultimate9 LED Pocket Light.

What’s the discount: 20% off

Where to get it: For a massive 20% off Ultimate9 LED lighting, simply CLICK HERE

The Ultimate Nudge Bar by Ultimate9

What’s on sale: Add strength with a form-fitting nudge bar package that fits over your bumper and contours to the face of the vehicle while maintaining minimal forward projection. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia with Australian-made steel, Ultimate9’s vehicle-specific design accommodates OE vehicle safety features such as radar sensors, front cameras, and parking sensors – and are airbag compatible and ADR compliant.

The lightweight design which adds under 30kg of total weight to the front of the vehicle, so there’s plenty of extra room for other essential automotive accessories or cargo without overloading your 4×4.

What’s the discount: Purchase any nudge bar from Ultimate9 during the sale & receive a FREE 2nd LED Light Bar

Where to get it: to score a free LED lightbar, with the purchase of an Ultimate9 Nudge Bar, simply CLICK HERE

Free shipping

As another side point, all online orders from Ultimate9 are eligible for free shipping. Saving you even more money during this EOFY season.


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